About Stef Roberts


Hello I’m Stef and I love making things. I especially like illustration, animation and design. I love telling worthwhile stories, inspiring positive change, solving problems, teaching, and sharing ideas through the medium of illustration, animation and design.

Sons of Graham

From building things from K’nex as kids on lazy Saturdays, to making silly videos and stick-man animations on flash as young teenagers, my brother Danny and I have always been making things together.

What was once just messing about has now become our actual jobs!

In 2016 Danny and I decided to start working properly together. So we set up a company called ‘Sons of Graham’ and began doing just that! We make animations, we do motion graphics, and we even do a bit of live action (Danny’s area of expertise).

In 2017 we moved into a small office in the centre of Bristol which is where we are currently based and working our little socks off. It’s exciting doing the thing we always dreamed of doing.

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